Monday, 16 August 2010

New ways to listen

Our recent RSL has come to an end but you can still listen to The Cat every day through our website at by following the Listen Now link.

We have added some new audio streams specifically aimed at mobile phones so you can listen to The Cat while you're out and about. Choose the high streams when you have a good connection for better quality audio and the low streams for faster streaming on a slow connection.

If you have a car kit for your phone or can connect your phone to your car stereo you will also be able to continue listening to us in your car.

We are also available through several mobile phone apps including Nokia Mobile Internet Radio and several iPhone and Android apps. If we are not listed in the directory you may be able to add us manually by copying the links on the Listen Now page. Please let us know which apps you are using so we can spread the word - email

Thanks for your continued support of The Cat!