Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Work Experience Comes To The Cat

Two pupils from Malbank School are currently working at The Cat on their work experience. Rob Hemingway and Becky Dean, both in year 10, are here from the 11th to the 15th of April 2011. so far they have learnt how to use the equipment in the studio and even presented their own 1 hour show. Both pupils have researched events taking place in the community and have recorded promo trailers to be broadcast on the station. On Thursday afternoon at 2pm Rob and Becky will be presenting their own 2 hour show based on their experience at The Cat; including interviews from other pupils, a live performance and a gig guide.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Cat at Argos in Crewe

On Saturday 12th March 2011 Twichy and The Cat Crew joined Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Argos in Crewe for an outside broadcast and live event to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. You can Listen Again to the outside broadcast for a week on The Steve Jay Show page. More events coming soon. Keep an eye out on the Events page on The Cat's website.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Alternative live from Square One tonight

“The Alternative” radio show will be broadcasting live from SquareOne bar on Mill Street Crewe, tonight (Thursday 10 February 2011) from 9-11pm.

We’re giving it a trial run tonight with a view to making it a once a month show from the venue, which in future will include live bands, interviews, and features specifically designed to suit the bar and our unique surroundings!

If you fancy coming down for a drink and joining in the fun tonight, please do so!

It gives you a chance to see the radio show live, and listen to some good tunes and lively banter to prep for the real thing which will start next month.

You can listen to the show online at http://thisisthecat.com/listen.shtml on your PC or smartphone

Live from 9pm – 11pm tonight!

Monday, 31 January 2011

2010 - A Review

2010 has been a very successful year for The Cat – Local Radio for Crewe and Nantwich. A full year’s Internet broadcasting on their website (www.thisisthecat.com) was supplemented by a 4 week RSL (Restricted Service Licence) FM broadcast in July and August.

2010 saw The Cat’s studios being upgraded thanks to a Grass Roots grant that provided a refit of Studio 1, the installation of a second studio and the purchase of outside broadcast kit, which is regularly used across the area. In addition their mascot ‘Twichy the Cat’ has been very popular from his first appearances during the RSL and subsequent outings supporting events, promotions, and surprise visits to the children’s ward at Leighton Hospital.

The events team was created and The Cat Roadshow featured at many events, such as Vinefest in Shavington, the Food and Drink Festival in Nantwich and returned to The Swan Inn, Wybunbury to support their bonfire night celebrations for a second year.

This week we will be attending the relaunch of B&Q in Crewe on 5 and 6 February. Highlights include a live broadcast on each day, along with vocal performances from Tom Seals, Dayve Dean and Hayley Strangelove; Twichy the Cat will also be making an appearance.

In addition all our shows are now kept for 7 days as a ‘Listen Again’ feature on the website. This week’s ‘Mediagenic with Jen Van Cauter’ features her recent interview with Pete Waterman.

2011 brings plans to build on the previous year’s success, with continued growth including more events, more programming and more community focus. This has already started to be shown in the current schedule; live shows are broadcast every day (check out the programme guide for details of start times) and the remaining time is filled with pre-recorded shows and interviews, local news features, and ‘Community Action’ features, with details of upcoming events in the area.

Local news is also broadcast at the start of each hour with Community Action featured in every show around half past the hour. Local news and events information is always welcomed and can be sent to news@thisisthecat.com.

Companies from across the area sponsor these shows and features. Although there has been a recent surge in the number of advertisers; there are still slots available; please contact sales@thisisthecat.com for further details.

New members are always encouraged, both presenting and away from the microphone. To get involved with the radio station, any enquiries should be sent to office@thisisthecat.com.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Pete Waterman Belongs on The Cat radio...

Friday was a special day for the new Belong Village in Brookhouse Drive, near The Raven pub. Although they opened their doors at the beginning of December, this official opening brought with it sunshine and a special guest. Pete Waterman arrived to a champagne reception, then enjoyed a tour of the building which combines a care centre with independent living, and public facilities like a bistro, salon and gym. He unveiled a picture on the wall outside The Venue bar area upstairs. It was of a train at Crewe photographed in 1937. Railway enthusiast Pete spoke fondly of the train and its carriages before receiving a gift from one of the Belong residents. Jen Van-Cauter managed to grab a quick interview with Pete for The Cat radio. He spoke of the picture and how it would bring back memories to so many of the residents, and commented on the building.

The Battle of Nantwich - Holly Holy Day

Holly Holy Day in Nantwich, Cheshire, is commemorated with a re-enactment of The Battle of Nantwich which originally took place in 1643 and was part of the civil war between the Roundheads and Cavaliers. The name derives from the holly sprigs worn in hats to celebrate the lifting of the siege.

The battle was first commemorated in 1971 with a simple laying of a wreath and by 1973 The Sealed Knot Society, a civil war re-enactment group, had become involved to stage the first re-enactment of the battle which has now become an annual event on the nearest weekend to 25th January.

Jen Van-Cauter was one of the Cat team who attended this year’s event as a reporter for The Cat. “I have to admit, that when I was told I was going to be covering the Battlefield for The Cat radio, I was a little nervous. This was my first visit to this event. The day was a cold grey one, but Nantwich town centre was starting to fill up with people.

“My first stop was the Museum, where there was an exhibition all about the battle, and upstairs a wargame was in progress. The battlefield re-created in miniature, even Acton Church. In the Millenium gallery to the rear of the museum, some members of the Sealed Knot were talking about their kit and costumes.

“Outside the museum we bought a traditional holly buttonhole, then walked down to Welsh Row to watch the procession. By this time the streets were lined with people. The soldiers came marching four abreast, drums banging and shouts of support for either King or Church. The costumes were incredible, as were the weapons the soldiers carried. I was a little concerned when the pikemen passed below the overhead power lines, as their pikes were within inches of contact! The procession must have stretched the full length of Welsh Row.

“We followed back into the town centre, then made our way to the battlefield. Mill Island where the re-enactment took place is a fairly small green space surrounded by trees, and flanked by rivers, which is sometimes prone to flooding. Hence it was a little muddy, but not too bad. The battle area itself was roped off but you were able to stand pretty close to the action.

The Battle of Nantwich - behind the lines

The Battle of Nantwich - behind the lines

“The cannons were very impressive and at one point the audience were astounded as when one of them fired a perfect smoke ring rose into the sky. The greyness of the day, coupled with the smoke from cannon and musket fire, made the battle look all the more authentic as the view beyond the field was obscured. A commentary was provided via tannoy, with the added amusement of 17th century recipes and cures.

“The battle was long, though I’m sure not as long as the original, and coupled with the cold, audience numbers dwindled as the day wore on and parents took small children home, but we enjoyed it. The Sealed Knot were fantastic, and thankfully Nantwich has plenty of coffee shops to warm up in afterwards.”

More information about Holly Holy Day can be found at www.hollyholyday.org.uk.Interviews and sounds of the Battle can be heard through The Cat’s website at www.thisisthecat.com.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Northern Soul All Nighter - 2-3 January

To celebrate the launch of the Soul Boy film on DVD, The Cat will be hosting a special Northern Soul All Nighter from 11pm on Sunday 2 January right through to 8am the following morning.

Join Cat presenters Chris Anderton, Chris Cadman, Kev Lovell, Kev 'Legs' Walker and Eddie Bebbington for a night of Northern Soul plus the chance to win a goodie bag from each presenter including a copy of Soul Boy on DVD, the CD soundtrack of the film and a Soul Boy poster.

Running Order

  • 11pm-1am - Chris Anderton
  • 1am-2am - Chris Cadman
  • 2am-4am - Kev Lovell
  • 4am-6am - Kev 'Legs' Walker
  • 6am-8am - Eddie Bebbington

If you miss the shows, you will be able to listen again for a week on the Northern Soul All Nighter show page.

Buy Soul Boy

Buy from HMV.co.uk or